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Overheating Repair

5Computer overheating is a very common issue, and it’s actually affecting most laptops, be it cheap or high end. If a computer is overheated, it won’t work at it’s full performance, and it can be really frustrating for the user.

Nowadays,  nearly all computers are designed to automatically shut down if the computer, central processing unit, or other parts get too hot.

You can tell if your computer is overheating by noticing  these symptoms:

  • Computer becomes hot, particularly around the fan exhaust area.  The pc fan is blowing out hot air.
  • Desktop fan runs continually at high speeds.  You can tell this, if your fan is louder than usually.
  • Computer shuts down by itself.
  • Computer turned off when you are playing video games or watching movies.

This is typically a result of weakening cooling hardware in your desktop.  This failure occurs when:

  • The computer fans stops revolving.
  • The fan is spinning too slowly.
  • When the motherboard has an electrical short and prevents sending signals to the fan to spin swift enough to chill the computer.

Should you need this computer overheating issue fixed, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll fix it in no time, in our repair shop in Woking.